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Is your laundry looking tired and old?  Here's a few tips from Interbath to renew your laundry on a budget.

1. Update your tapware.  You can pick up a good quality tap for $150 - $250 depending on your budget.  Make sure to look for taps which suit your needs, and provide adequate water coverage. Interbath has a good range of tapware to suit your laundry needs*.


2. De-clutter the space.  Make extra space on your laundry bench my storing items in cupboards.  If you do not have enough space, consider using coat hangers and sorting boxes.

3. Lighten up the space with some...

Stylish Black Shower Fixtures

Interbath has recently launched the Rio Black Series.  The Rio Black Series is inspired by modern European design, which is modestly simple yet elegant.  

The Rio Black Series is a beautiful yet affordable way to enhance your current bathroom. Updating your shower fixture is a simple and easy way to revitalise your bathroom, without renovating your entire bathroom space.  

Not only are these bathroom fixtures stylish, they are also environmentally friendly.  With a water rating of 9 litres per minute, you will not only save water, but also money.  No longer do you need to...

The Southern Lights (also known as Aurora Australis) inspired the development of our newest product, the LED shower heads. When we saw the Southern Lights in Victoria recently we were in awe of the beauty and ambience, it inspired us to recreate this experience in Australian bathrooms.  

Our aim is to develop a shower experience which makes you feel calm, and revitalised after a long day.  The full-body spray function gently massages you and releases any tension in your body.  The LED shower head transforms any bathroom into a sanctuary where you and your partner can escape from the stresses of a busy life.  


The LED...


The heavy rainspray provides a rainforest experience, the spray gives you an intense downpour with full body coverage. The heavy rainspray leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  


A full body shower which provides a light rain sensation. This reduced water usage function ensures full body coverage, which leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.  


The Aerated rainspray is a luxurious spa experience.  This function helps you take a moment to restore the imbalances that a busy life takes on your body. 


A lighter...

Introducing the brand new Interbath Next Generation shower range.


  • 13 sleek and stylish showerheads with drenching full-body heavy rain spray and self-cleaning nozzles
  • 3 modern, sophisticated handshower designs
  • 10 accessories to suit the entire Next Generation range

The Interbath Next Generation shower range has a variety of shower applications to complete any bathroom with style. The full body drenching showerheads cover both shoulders for a luxurious shower experience.

Mix and match the showerheads, shower arms and hand showers to suit your own tastes....

Co-ordinates Range

Interbath offers customers the ability to design their own shower in 4 simple steps, we call it Co-ordinates Range.  Concept allows over 210 possible combinations. This enables users to be creative when renovating their bathrooms, making it unique and innovative whilst suiting your budget.

Easy steps to your perfect shower

Step 1 – Choose a Shower Pole

Step 2 – Choose a Hose & Elbow

Step 3 – Choose a Handshower

Step 4 – Choose a Shower Head (optional when choosing Rio Shower Rail)


Adding Style to your bathroom

Introducing the new Interbath vanity accessories range; featuring the Pirate Range, Alpha Range, and the Floral Range. 

Style the childrens bathroom with pirate accessories, or update your exisiting accessories with our Alpha and Floral range.

Each style comes with a soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and tumbler.

Visit your local Masters store to take advantage of this great deal!